A Visual Guide to the World of The Convoy (sort of)

The Convoy is a new two-player game by the creator of and set in the world of Neuroshima Hex and 51st State/The New Era, which is a ravaged, post-apocalyptic USA. In The Convoy, the robotic hordes of Moloch are headed for New York City, and the forces of the Outpost must stop them. Fierce battles take place along the way, with five particularly notable stops. I’ll probably be talking about the game itself eventually, but for now I’m focusing on one interesting detail. These are the cards that show where the battles take place:

If you look closely (click on the image for a close-up) you can see that the location cards have latitude and longitude on them, which means we can use Google Maps to see exactly where these battles take place!

The first step along Moloch’s convoy is “Ziggy One”, located at 47°20’2″, -93°0’2″. Probably your first thought is that this refers to Ziggy Stardust or Ziggy the beloved comic strip loser or maybe Ziggy Marley. In fact, “Ziggy” is short for “Ziggurat”, a tower with its top in the heavens, located in Hibbing, MN.

Actually, it’s about five miles southwest of Hibbing. Specifically, it seems, at the corner of S. Leighton Road and where Malmquist becomes Owens. Look, I’m not the one who provided these very specific coordinates. I guess the ziggurat hasn’t been built quite yet. I guess Hibbing really develops between now and the Neuroshima setting.

The next stop on the Convoy is “Iron Gate”, located at 41°16’29”, -88°14’41”. Iron Gate turns out to be this place:

Google Maps claims this is in Wilmington, IL, but it’s actually much closer to Braidwood, IL. The city of Braidwood’s web page lists several nearby sights and attractions, but nothing about an Iron Gate. We’re about 50 miles southwest of Chicago and not far from Kankakee. I’ve been to Kankakee and if Moloch wants to raze it with war robots, it is more than welcome to.

So far this is not a very good road trip, but look what’s next! “Cleveland Harbour”, coordinates 41°30’7″, -81°42’19”, which Google Maps confirms is in Cleveland, OH, and right in the harbo(u)r!

This battle will be taking place near Cleveland Browns stadium and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It looks like they’re building something right at the battle site itself.

Ha ha, don’t spend too much time building that, suckers!

Enough of the Midwest. The Convoy puts the pedal to the metal and its next stop is “Jersey Crust”. Its coordinates are 40°5’17”, -74°15’16”, which is in Lakewood Township, NJ.

It’s been a long drive, so I’m sure Moloch is happy there’s a pizza place here! Lakewood Township is about 60 miles SSW of New York City, so it’s probably not a bad idea to grab a bite an have a battle here first, as those things will probably be much more expensive once they get there.

Finally, The Convoy makes it to “New York” itself, and has its final showdown against The Outpost at 40°43’8″, -74°0’15”, which is, of course in New York City, NY. Looks like it’s in Tribeca or Soho, but I’m no expert at the intricacies of NYC geography.

This is the first stop on the itinerary where the Street View car bothered to go, so we can actually see the battle site up close and personal! Here it is:

According to my sources, the final battle of this game takes place at Let There Be Neon, a store specializing in neon signs.

Here’s the whole trip:

According to Google Maps, the journey encompasses 1500 miles (2414 km) and should take about 24 hours. If you are playing Moloch, be advised that there are toll roads along the way.

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