Taking Careful Aim at One’s Own Foot

Monday is Memorial Day, and I’ll be celebrating the traditional way by heading up to Modern Myths for their three-for-a-dollar back issue sale!

Well, I was there last night picking up my books (Promethea #30, Fortean Times, Runners #3, Previews, and, since it was a light week, the fourth Queen and Country TPB) and got a sneak preview of some of the offerings. Two titles in particular:

Spectacular Spider-Man #200 – HOLOGRAPHIC COVER, BABY! No idea what Wizard says it’s worth (do they do that anymore?) but several copies of it can be yours for a mere 33 cents each.

X-Force #1 – BAGGED WITH TRADING CARD! Has it really been 12 years since Rob Liefeld rocked our collective faces with this senses-shattering debut? My fondest memory of this book was seeing one for sale in a shop, two weeks after it came out, for $30. The price was so high because this particular bagged issue DIDN’T have a trading card in it! SOLID GOLD.

Somewhere there’s still someone with a box full of these things, thinking it’ll get him a Ferrari someday. Yet for a mere third of a buck, you can own a piece of history, a sample of the junk that nearly sunk the entire industry. I’m sure there are other holographic, die-cut, limited-edition, pop-up, rare variant, foil-stamped refugees from this sad era in comics history to be had for mere pennies.

Or…you could just wait for the summer, when Marvel and others plan to start it all over again with a NEW batch of variant gimmick covers!

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