Lego Diem is 5!

Today is the fifth birthday of my daily blog, Lego Diem. That’s over 1800 photos of and about everyone’s favorite building blocks (or else GTFO). We celebrated with this great image:

As for my own personal Legoing, well… Earlier this year I started a grand sorting project to get pieces sorted more by type than by color, the way I had them. And the project sits, half-completed, more or less abandoned.

I just have had no ideas, no motivation. I don’t have any ideas on original creations and I don’t really want to build something unoriginal. It’s been this way for a while, with the exception of a Vic Viper and my Christmas vignette, which came very close to not happening.

I go through phases, though, and it’s very possible that the Wheel of Nerd will once again elevate Lego, but this has been going on for some time now. Maybe it’s one of those things where, to get through it, I just need to sit down and build something, anything, just get moving again. Or maybe just don’t force it, and let it either go as it will (or not).

Either way, I’ll still be sifting through hundreds of photos each morning to find that day’s Lego Diem post, and that too might eventually provide the kick I need.

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