Doctor Who Season 7: Cold War

I wasn’t going to say much more about this season of Doctor Who because there wasn’t much point in it and because who wants to read the same complaints over and over? But I’m breaking that to comment on “Cold War” for a very important reason: I really liked it.

It was a straightforward story with a good returning villain, great setting, and satisfying conclusion. No Clara foolishness, no elbows in the ribs going, “get it? huh? huh?”, no overarching plot, no weirdo references designed to make viewers go “oooh, I wonder what THAT will turn out to be?” Just a good, old-fashioned story that didn’t require a badass violent Doctor to resolve. Though the monster and the “base siege” format recalled the Troughton era, the episode had a very Davison feel to it for me, and not just because of the early-80s setting. I thought the Ice Warriors were brought back well, and even had a bit added to them without ruining anything.

And written by Mark Gatiss! Color me extra surprised!

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