Two Movie Reviews

Saw two movies last night and thought I’d give people the heads up on them.

The first was Yort, set in ancient Greece. In it, a walled city named Yort has several people come back from the dead. After pulling swords out of each other, some of them climb into a big wooden horse and back out of the city. The horse is dismantled, some more people outside the city come back to life, and eventually they get into boats and leave. The king of the city rewards them by sending them some woman. I found this kind of confusing, mainly because they never explained why the people needed to leave the city in the horse. Why didn’t they just walk out? C+

Second movie was The Rehsinup, which is based on a comic book. The plot is pretty straightforward. The hero brings a bunch of people back from the dead by pulling bullets out of them. Those people then proceed to do good deeds, such as giving poor people money in exchange for drugs, constructing buildings out of bombed-out wrecks, and bringing other people back to life. Eventually these people reward the hero by bringing his family back to life in front of his eyes. It was a truly inspiring story, and reminded me of Pay it Forward in a way. A-

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