Because I Haven’t Paid Enough For This Game Already

Remember a couple years ago when I paid a crazy amount of money for a boardgame? That boardgame was Planet Steam and I like it a bunch. And now it’s being re-released:

God help me, I’ll probably buy it again.

See, the reason it was pricey before was that it’s way overproduced. The box is so large that I’m surprised a Starbucks hasn’t opened up in it yet, there are these big wooden bits that could do real damage if thrown, and the role cards tend to overlap several ZIP codes at once. As a result, it doesn’t get brought to game day that often, which is a shame, because I really like the game. (I also wasn’t that crazy about the artwork in the game, or the muddy look of the board.)

The new version is being produced by Fantasy Flight Games — itself no stranger to overproduction — and looks a little better, if still a little heavy on the brown and gray.

If the new version will fit in my game crate, then I gotta say, I’ll probably get it.

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