Game Design Status Report #1: Will There Be a Game Design Status Report #2?

I mentioned last week that, after falling down and hitting my head on a radiator, I had decided to try my hand at creating a board game. I had a germ of an idea, had sent it to some folks to take a look at, and had gotten positive feedback.

It’s a dice game, so I ordered some custom dice. This one’s on me for not reading the description more clearly, but here they are, along with some regular dice:

They’re actually 1cm counting cubes for math teachers. Still, they’re blank cubes I can sharpie some icons on if need be.

I’ve been trying to get a working game to coalesce from my vague notions and was well on track. In fact, I’d even eliminated the need for custom dice at all. Last night I sat down and wrote out some concrete play details, finally getting to the actual things that happen when you play the game.

It turns out I may just have a knack for game design! After all, this is my very first effort and in no time at all I invented a good game! I know it’s good because I already own it!

So yeah, I’ve just sort of re-done this one, except with more dice. But not too many more, because somewhere along the way I de-diced it a bit. My original germ of an idea has gotten lost and been replaced with a weak rework of an existing game which has even less player interaction than the original.

So it’s back to the drawing board. (This is the reason I haven’t been too specific about the game yet. I’m not being coy or protective; there really aren’t any specifics yet.)

Now I’m thinking of a different approach, and we’re back to custom dice. But not just any custom dice. These custom dice:

Stay tuned!

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