Other Countries Have Healthcare and Schools, We Have This

This morning I went on a bit of a tirade on Twitter about this sequestration nonsense. Rather than try to rearrange it into a coherent post — a waste of time because how do you make coherence out of something so goddamn stupid? — I’m just reposting the tweets here. They’re better in their original format, though, because of my Twitter icon there:

Hey rest of the world! Are you enjoying this demonstration of how our government and economy don’t actually work?

The US talks about how we’re going to bring democracy and capitalism to the world and then drive up in a little clown car. Impressive, huh?

“We are a city on a hill!” says man with pants on backwards, shoe on head.

Somewhere, a young man in an oppressive regime is inspired. “Could one day OUR government be brought to a halt by petty bullshit?”

Syrian rebels dreaming of the day when the FDA shuts down because a guy who thinks Jesus handcrafted him is pissed off about birth control.

Hopefully you all realize that this is all the fault of some poor people with free cell phones, not any flaw in the American system.

“We’d like to have a funded, working government,” says old white guy, “but we made a solemn promise to Grover Norquist.”

“How would we look if we went back on that promise? We’d look like right fools, we would.”

“Also,” continues the guy whose family won’t be affected at all, “there’s the problem that we actually don’t want a functioning government.”

“Government should only be for war and putting ultrasound wands in women. Anything else is tyranny,” says life-long politician.

“People need to not depend on the government,” says man whose salary, and his father’s, come from taxpayers.

In conclusion, step up, folks, for the American Experience! We can bring all this magic to YOUR country!

PS — aren’t you comforted knowing that this well-oiled machine of a government has a massive nuclear stockpile??

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