How Many Things I’ve Said I’d Never Do Can I Do at Once?

This morning I went over to eBay and bought this:

I never think of eBay as a place to look for things I want to buy, but Brett tipped me off to a good deal to be had. So, for the first time in a few years, I bought something off eBay (at least it was just a straight purchase and not a damn auction.)

What is that? That is one thousand blank dice, in ten different colors. Way more than I need, but a bargain at the price ($15 shipped!)

What do I need 1000 blank dice for? Well, it turns out I got an idea for a boardgame. Previously when I got ideas for boardgames I just pushed them aside and moved on, because I didn’t see any need for me to design a boardgame. But this time I think I’m going to go with it and see if I can’t make something out of it. I ran the gist of it past some folks, some of whom are aspiring or published game designers, and the consensus seemed to be that there was some promise in the idea.

I’m not going to say much about it at the moment, but the working title is:


There isn’t a whole lot else to say yet. Once I have the dice and can start mocking up some things and figuring stuff out there will be more to talk about. But I will keep you posted on it. Who knows, maybe someday this will actually be a published game project I finish!

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