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I came of age during the huge videogame revolution of the early 80s. I was never on the cutting edge, of course. I didn’t own a home game console until I bought a PlayStation in the late 90s, and there weren’t any arcade games I was particularly good at. Still, I remember video games popping up in grocery stores and elsewhere (I biked to National to play Asteroids, Village Inn Pizza to play Phoenix, and the bowling alley to play Gorf and Centipede), I remember my first experience with an arcade (Pirate’s Cove in the Natchez Mall) and when we finally got an arcade nearby in Elmwood. Like everyone my age, I was fascinated by the things, even if I was too much of a dilettante to actually focus on any of them well enough to play for more than five minutes.

I talked about videogames with my friends, coveted their Ataris, bought the “How to Beat Video Games” books, and subscribed to my first magazine since “Ranger Rick”:

Electronic Games was amazing. I devoured each issue and kept them to read over and over again. At the time when I was heaviest into it, it constantly talked about arcade games I’d never seen that I was sure were more amazing than anything I had access to. Its breathless descriptions of console and computer games enchanted me. Every single game was a triumph, a new benchmark in the art.

Sadly for Electronic Games, the market crashed not long after their debut. The magazine folded before my subscription ran out and instead they sent Video, the magazine for people who enjoy talking about cables. It was as if you had subscribed to a magazine about comic books only to receive a trade publication for the staple industry.

Eventually I would enter the world of electronic games through my VIC-20 (and soon afterwards my Commodore 64) and my attention would turn to Compute! magazine instead.

I loved Electronic Games magazine, so you can imagine how delighted I am to discover this site, where a bunch of issues have been scanned and put up as PDFs. I’ve been enjoying paging through them, bringing back memories.

This is my way of introducing Electronic Games Sunday (which might need a better name), debuting this weekend, and running until I get tired of it.

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