My Biggest Lego Project Ever?

I’ve started my next big Lego project and it’s a killer. It will involve thousands of bricks, a large surface area, and hours of time. Here it is, in progress:

It’s not a Lego tribute to The White Stripes, it’s re-sorting all my Lego by brick type.

For a long time my Legos have been sorted by color, with only some specific piece types (wheels, plants, windows and doors, etc) separately stored. Sorting by color makes it easy to sort pieces (especially if you have one of these) but a pain in the ass to build. Finding a specific piece among pieces of the same color is a bear, especially when they’re all black. As has been pointed out, it’s a lot easier to find a red 1×3 plate in a bin full of 1-wide plates than it is to find one in a bin full of different red bricks.

We started with red and white because those bins were handy. Then black and light gray, since those are two of the largest bins, with the most varied assortment of pieces. Tan and brown came next.

Right now things are being sorted into fairly general categories, and you can click on the picture above to get an idea of what they are. 2x bricks, 1x bricks, 2x and 1x plates, tiles, curved slopes, flat slopes, panels, columns, etc. These are pretty general categories and before I’m done some of them may be split further or combined. Then I’ll have to figure out the best way to store all this mess.

I’m still not 100% sure I’m going to like this. Having to dig into two dozen different bins for a single build will be a pain, and so will sorting. Quite frankly, I’m not sure what the advantage to doing it this way will be, but my current system is pretty damned annoying.

I said “we” above and that wasn’t a royal “we” — Becky has made a claim to Wife of the Year by helping with this monumental task. In fact, she’s the one who got my butt into gear on this.

I’ll keep you posted with how this project goes!

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