When we’re not entertaining heads of state or sponsoring gala fundraisers, you’d think we at the Mancer household would relax and take it easy. Not so! Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, my friend, and we seek to make the Devil as jobless as so many others in this economy!

Hence, a dedicated program of improvement in ourselves, our environment, and our posession!

The big star of this show is Becky’s new laptop, a/k/a labtob:

It replaces the Toshiba Steam-Book 1870, which has been quite the hard worker these past few years. It’s one sweet sweet piece of technology, and she loves it.

Because of this advancement, I finally got a router up and going, and many many thanks go to Jiansong for helping me get it set up to work with my other programs.

On my machine, I was looking at an 80GB hard drive worth of data that had never been backed up. Sure, I have a pile of blank CDs, but 80GB is approximately equal to…(pause for calculation)…an ASSLOAD of CDs. We’re talking an awful lot of time spent creating a backup that will be out of date by the next day, given how I download.

So instead I bought an external 80GB hard drive. This baby plugs in through the USB port and is ready to go. Not only is my data now backed up, it’s somewhat portable! Huzzah!

But that’s not all, no sir! We’ve also been improving our home, with much-needed Spring cleaning and repairs. Becky did an amazing job fixing a hole in the wall:


and I have yet more yard cleanup and some painting to do. We also bought some new plants that have been put in. I fixed the fence, and we hauled out the decrepit wooden benches from the backyard (someone grabbed them from our curb before the trash could pick them up.)

Ere the Summer wanes we’ll be doing some interior painting, as well as repainting the trim on the front porch. We’re also looking to get a hammock!

All of this work still left us time for some karaoke Saturday night. My rendition of the Beatles’ “Help!” could have used plenty of it, as I started out in the wrong key and never quite found my way to the right one. I need to practice some more.

Last night Dan, TJ, and I went over to Mike’s for boardgames. Holy cow, we were in gaming paradise. Working for a game company has its advantages! We played “Ticket to Ride,” briefly tried out “Alexandros” before abandoning it as boring, and finished out with the original German version of “Web of Power,” which was really cool.

“Surely that’s all these folks have been up to,” you’re thinking. Perhaps, with some kind of cybernetic device, you could be more wrong, but wrong you are anyway! Observe the updated Linktank and Legonomicon, and wonder at the sounds of experimentation that have been issuing from Mancer Labs ever since the LegOpinions section was dragged in there.

Those around us haven’t been slacking off either! TJ and Mary are now homeowners! As are Matthew and Deirie! Anna and Kurt have a new baby! Michael had a birthday! And Dan and Jen are gonna see Fountains of Wayne with us on Thursday night, as well as John starring in the Rocky Horror Show on Friday! Also, Shas joins the Slithytoves family of sites with his Blog Fu and Michael updates his Games Page with emulation goodness!

And I haven’t even mentioned our upcoming trip to Montreal!

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