I Seen All That on the Tee Vee

I should talk about the inauguration today, or maybe MLK, but instead I’m here to tell you what I’ve been watching on TV.

This is what it looks like when Raylan puts on the One Ring.

The biggest news is the return of Justified on FX. Season three was a little weak for me, especially coming off of season two, but I gotta say, four is definitely starting off with a bang (ha ha because guns, so many guns). The show has wasted no time in setting up the players and turning them loose, and for a change Raylan might actually do some U.S. Marshalling. There’s also a hint that Raylan’s smirk and swagger won’t be enough to cover for his general assholery this time around.

The producers all believe I think Laura Kathleen is way hotter than I actually do.

We just finished the second round of Project Runway All Stars and although the challenges were more interesting this time around, the formula seems to be the same: pick someone people thought should have gotten a win, throw in a dozen other folks, and then gradually give that person a win. It was pretty clear early on who the favorite was, and the results didn’t disappoint (spoiler, I guess), even though there was a clearly superior choice. Maybe All Stars Season 3 will bring that person back and go through the motions to give them a trophy. The promised/threatened return of the sinister Wendy Pepper fizzled right away, as she didn’t play bad guy this time and got shuffled off quickly as punishment.

So I guess all the cool kids are backlashing against Portlandia now. Whatever, we’re still enjoying it, though I was somewhat dismayed that in the most recent episode the extended fart joke was only the second most unpleasant thing after an anti “fake geek girl” sketch. Still, how about Comedy Night at Women and Women First?

This time he’s got a little company! ha ha ha ha *falls down stairs for 25 minutes*

The third (and final) season of An Idiot Abroad also started up and even though this is a truncated one (only three episodes) I think I may be bailing out after the first. The premise here is that Karl now has a traveling companion: professional very short person Warwick Davis, who was himself the subject of a poorly-received Ricky Gervais thing a while back. If the two were somehow united against Gervais it might work, but instead it’s just Karl taking out his frustrations on Warwick while Warwick tries his best to make sure Ricky’s pleased. Ricky Gervais was always the worst part about this series — the magic of it is seeing Karl triumph despite his keeper’s wishes — and in this one episode I’ve felt his presence more than in the other two seasons combined. The Science Channel (this is science how?) did a marathon before the episode premiered and I saw the end of the one where Karl talks to Warwick about the dwarf village in China. Davis is understandably disgusted by the exploitation, but his role here is pretty troubling.

There’s another show we’ve been watching lately, but I need to catch up on it a bit before I talk about it.

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