Set Continuous Stardampener to 2!

In my Videogames of 2012 post there was a notable platform missing: the iPad. The truth is, I just haven’t playing games on it. It’s not just boardgames I’ve not played, it’s pretty much games at all. I can’t blame the Xbox for this, because it started before I got that, but the truth is, when I’m looking to play a game, the iPad is kind of my last resort platform. In fact, that’s how it is for most things. Unless I don’t have other options available, the iPad is just not where I want to be most of the time. I don’t read on it, I don’t web browse on it, and I don’t game on it. Here’s my number one app for it:

That’s Art Puzzles HD and every night when I’m going to bed I work some on a Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle to help me fall asleep. I like it, it’s nice. That’s what I do the most of on my iPad.

Since iOS 6 came out a lot of apps require it to install or update. My Cold War-era iPad 1 doesn’t run iOS 6, so I just plain can’t get or update those apps. Baldur’s Gate for the iPad is one of those games, and for the briefest of moments I thought about upgrading to a new iPad so I could play it, but there’s absolutely no way I can justify the cost.

I’m trying to get more out of the iPad, but the fact that I even have to “work on” doing this is troubling.

THAT BEING SAID, there is an iPad game I’ve been enjoying lately:

In Spaceteam you and up to three of your friends are in command of a spaceship that is in big trouble. To escape destruction, you’re going to have to work together to follow the computer’s commands. You each have a different control panel and the computer is giving you all orders for things that need to be done. Thing is, your controls are absurd and you’re all getting different commands at once. So you end up shouting to each other, “Turn on Sigma-thumper!” “Set Flux Dynamo to 3!” “Feed the fish!” There are asteroids that require the team to each shake their devices to avoid, wormholes that need the units flipped, and all the while the ship is taking damage, so your panels are falling apart. If that’s not bad enough, sometimes slime containment fails and green slime obscues your control descriptions, sometimes the translator malfunctions and you have no idea what a control does, and sometimes controls have icons that have to be described instead of names. I don’t think you can “win” Spaceteam, merely survive as long as possible. (One of the things you may be required to do at one point is “Eulogize Previous Crewmembers”.)

It’s goofy, stupid fun, and I’ve enjoyed playing it. If you have an iPad or iPhone and friends with same, I recommend it (it’s free).

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