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(Note: I apologize to my readers who aren’t interested in the comics stuff. I promise I’ll have some other content up soon.)

Consarn it! Two — count ’em — two major comics events in my area this weekend, and I goofily miss both of them. First, there was a presentation on anime and manga at the library that I wanted to check out, not only for the content, but to finally meet Shawn Fumo. Then there was the 24 Hour Comics Day event at Modern Myths that I wanted to drop in on. Between not feeling well and things that needed doing around the house, I saw neither of them. Bah!

Nevertheless, life goes on, and speaking of life going on, I have breathed new life into the presumed-dead “LegOpinions” section, with an entry on Marvel’s 1602 miniseries! Check it out!

And with an eye on the future I invite you to join me on a journey through the magical and mirthful world of Previews! Items in bold are things I’m getting.

Dark Horse

The B.P.R.D. TPB is a must-have, even though I suspect “Plague of Frogs” isn’t in it. Everyone’s talking about Conan, but I just can’t see it. I suppose I should try it out, but Conan has just never interested me.

And then we come to an item that makes me weep. BMW Films’ The Hire. You mean for only $2.99 I can buy an ad for a car I can’t afford? Huzzah! And Matt Wagner is writing this? I think I’ll wait for Evan Dorkin’s tribute to the Volkswagen Jetta first. This is really a head-scratcher of an item.

The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist I’ll get. I ordered the first two, then changed to the collected edition of them when it was solicited. Now I’ll order #3, and I haven’t seen any of it yet. But I trust the project, and it looks like an interesting read.

Re: Katsuya Terada Cover Girls portfolio. Okay, starting here, I’m gonna keep score. Post-it notes, black disks, fingers, a stuffed bunny’s tongue, some kind of metal thing, hair, and a cat’s tail. That’s seven different items used to cover nipples. On one page.


John Byrne’s Doom Patrol. For all of you who were dismayed that Grant Morrison’s classic run on this title wasn’t instead more of the same old crap, John Byrne proudly presents: more of the same old crap! You’ll swear you’re back in 1982 looking at the same three or four faces and the same cliched characters and plots that Byrne seems limited to. Three cheers for the world’s strangest heroes, happily pulled back into the status quo!

The Catwoman stuff looks awful. Oscar-winning actress there, folks!

The Julius Schwartz tribute project just confuses me. New artists re-doing covers from Schwartz’s era, with other writers writing stories based on them? Honestly, I’d much rather a trade paperback with all the original stories in them. I’m not sure how having other people re-do his work is a tribute to him. Still, the Mystery in Space one I might pick up, as it’s Grant Morrison doing Adam Strange…

For those thinking of picking up Sebastian O, someone should warn you: it’s interesting, yes, but you’ll end up wondering where the rest of it is. It reads like issues 3-5 of a six-part miniseries.

Ex-Machina #2 I’ll get. I ordered #1, and people who’ve seen previews of it say it’s really good.

Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales I’ll also get. I’ve bought all of the ABC books, and enjoyed them all. I’ll miss this imprint when it’s gone.


Flight vol I looks really nice. I like anthology books and this one looks like a beauty.

Walking Dead is a regular pull for me. Between this and Invincible Robert Kirkman is becoming a writer to keep an eye out for, but that still ain’t gonna get me to buy SuperPatriot.

I would rather be kicked in the head than buy The Pro.

Witchblade brings my running count to eight with claws! The big guys have let me down in the nipple-covering countdown, but the indie comics are coming up, and they’re sure to please!


No Marvel stuff for me, thanks, but here’s something I noticed about 1602. A major project for Marvel, with a lot of attention focused on it, and I don’t remember seeing a single ad for any of their other comics in it. Just a bunch of Hulk and Spiderman walkie-talkies, cell phones, statues, and stuff like that. Here I am, guy who doesn’t read Marvel, buying a high-profile title of theirs, and I walk away from it with the impression that they really don’t care if I read any of their other comics, so long as I buy the other licensed crap. (Okay, I just flipped through and there are some ads for actual comics, but not many, and none of them are anywhere near as interesting as the ads for cell-phone screens.)

Indie Comics

Another 24 Hour Comics Day Anthology? Oh yeah, I’m there. I just got the first one and I’m looking forward to sitting down with it. I find the whole idea behind 24CD really neat.

I’ll be getting Girl Genius #12, but the last one I got was #10. Did I miss #11, or is it scheduled to come out between now and #12?

I haven’t added it to my pull yet, but I may get Demo #8. After liking the issue I picked up week before last, I picked up another one this week. (I wasn’t going to, for various reasons, but decided it would be stupid to let one person prevent me from reading a good book.) So this might be a regular title for me soon.

Bombaby has been a lot of fun, and I’m hoping there will be another run of it eventually. It’s quite an original title.

I Hunt Monsters is Rod Espinosa? I may have to check that out!

The Red Star is frustratingly good. It’s a really interesting concept, well done, and beautiful to look at. Thing is, it only comes out once every other solstice or so. They went through a rough patch where the producers apparently felt like the whole “Red Star” phenomenon was worth following in and of itself, but since then have apparently become convinced that it might be important to actually produce the damn comic every now and then. This is not a bad price for a good read, and if I hadn’t already bought the single issues in one glob from a dealer at Comicon, I’d be grabbing this.

Just when I was giving up hope in more good nipple coverage, along comes Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Spiky pentagrams protect her sensitive bits from chafing!

Cartoon Books makes me question my sanity by resoliciting Bone vol 9. I’ll be putting in an order for this. Again.

I need to look into Colonia. It looks really interesting, but I don’t want to start with #9. It looks like the series started under the auspices of AIT/Planet Lar, which offers a TPB of the first five issues. I think I’ll order that, and hopefully be able to pick up more if I end up liking it. If I don’t, however, I’ll be sure to keep my mouth shut.

I’m trying to think of how much money I’d need to have before I’d be willing to drop $350 on a bust of a superhero, and who that hero would be.

The Walking Man looks kind of neat. It looks like it’s simply about a guy going for a walk. The price is up there for a pre-order, so I’ll hopefully be able to flip through it in the shop. Intriguing.

The Knights of the Dinner Table Origins 2004 Special is a getter.

Does anyone know anything about this Cities of the Fantastic two-volume series from NBM? It looks really interesting, but I know nothing about it beyond the blurb.

Oni Press’ Love Fights is coming to a conclusion. I kind of wish I’d been getting it in trade, but I’ve been enjoying it. Andi Watson has a real talent for making a very minimalist style go a long way.

Speaking of Oni, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life looks like an absolute hoot. The full-page ad got my attention, but the line in the blub that sealed the deal was, “Will he have to face Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends in battle?”

The price puts it out of my range, but the Wallace Wood Reader is something I’d really like to look at. I have always enjoyed Wood’s artwork from my Dad’s early issues of Mad magazine, and it’s nice when he pops up in old EC titles. I have a really sad Wally Wood story that I won’t go into here, though.

The word “sad” reminds me. The cover to “Hit the Beach 2004” is possibly the most chill-inducing item in this whole catalog.

I’m really hoping a two-volume softcover set of Persepolis is scheduled. I checked the first one out of the library and the second one is now out. I’d like to get them both, but preferably in softcover.


So have we just agreed that anything Kevin Smith decides to doodle on a napkin is good enough for Graphitti to make a t-shirt of?

Toys and Models

If I was still buying robot toys, that FLCL Robot Kanchi figure would be on my list. But I’m not, so it isn’t.


I am taunted by the Gimmick’s Guide to Gadgets book for Mutants and Masterminds. I’d love to get the book, but I’d love even more to play the game.

Ooh! Modern-Day Cardboard Heroes from Steve Jackson Games! I like the fantasy ones, and I might have to grab this as well!

Wizkids’ Pirates of the Spanish Main game looks neat. You buy little cards that you assemble into pirate ships. TJ and I both have our eyes on this, and I imagine there’s some keelhaulin’ and plunderin’ in our gaming future.

As usual, nothing in the Video section I feel I must own, so we’re done here. I’m gonna try to stay off comics topics for the rest of the week.

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