Holidays on Tatooine

How do you celebrate Life Day when instead of O Tannenbaum you have O Sandinbaum? Well, you find the tallest, prettiest, sturdiest moisture vaporator in the area, decorate it with lights, candles, tinsel, and a star (or a piece of vaguely star-shaped scrap hardware, whatever), and put your presents under it! That’s exactly what these residents of the brightest center of the Star Wars universe have done!

They’ll sing a few Life Day carols, exchange gifts, and then skeedaddle, because sandpeople love taking potshots at the decorated vaporators. Besides, this one belongs to Old Man Lars, and he’s a miserable old coot.

Here’s the vaporator without the trimmings:

This build almost didn’t happen. Even though I’ve done a Star Wars Christmas Lego build for the past four Christmases, I haven’t been overly excited about mash-up stuff in general and Star Wars in particular. I couldn’t get any ideas I was excited about, except for one, which was a great idea in theory but not in practice (all my Star Wars minifigs gathered together in a studio recording “Do They Know It’s Life Day?” It sounds good, but without me telling you what’s going on, it’s just a bunch of minifigs in a room with microphones around them.) Then I got this idea and it was finally something I thought I could work with.

I built the vaporator and loved the way it came out, but about halfway through I realized it was way out of scale with the minifigs. I finished it up anyway and then tried to figure out if I’d re-do it or go without minifigs. I then realized that it was perfect for miniland scale (so named because it’s similar to what is used at the “minilands” at Lego theme parks) which I’d been wanting to fool around with anyway. Like a Christmas miracle, I completed the first figure and it was the perfect size.

These pictures aren’t so great, but there isn’t a single decent light source in the whole house and it doesn’t seem like the sun is going to come out again any time soon. I’ll re-take them at some point.

Anyhow, if you want to see a few more pics of Holidays on Tatooine, check out the gallery! And here are the builds from previous years:

2008: What Do You Get a Wookiee For Christmas?

2010: Hung By the Chimney With Care

2011: Santa’s Trench Run

Happy Life Day!

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