You’ll Never See Jesus Doing This (makes Surprised Face)

What a packed weekend for us! A lot of exciting stuff going on here, at least by our standards.

We started out with the opening-day matinee of Kill Bill vol. 2. Now, I liked the original KB well enough, and was certainly looking forward to seeling volume two, but was not exactly a fanboy. Nevertheless, I have to say that volume two was incredibly good, and even improved volume one. I’m now thinking that the decision to split the movie into two parts actually worked in its favor, giving us three solid movies as a result (Volume One, Volume Two, and the whole.)

No discussion of KBv2 is complete without giving major props to David Carradine. He really deserves some kind of award for his portrayal of Bill. Sad to say I’m not familiar with his other work, but he did a really good job here. As a bonus, his meditation on Superman and Clark Kent was an angle on the superhero I’d never heard before, and was quite interesting.

If you didn’t like KBv1, I don’t know what to tell you about volume two. I think it enhances the first one, and goes into much more character detail, so maybe you’ll like v2. If you liked v1, this one only makes it better.

We then came home and watched a second movie, which I also enjoyed: School of Rock. (Legomancer watching two movies in one day and liking them both? Is the apocalypse nigh?) I’ve always liked Jack Black, and he really shines in this movie. The kids are great too, and the whole thing is pulled off quite well. While the usual teacher-movie cliches make an appearance, they’re handled deftly and aren’t dwelled upon as if this movie invented them. The kids also do a great job, and the music is excellent. (Bonus points for including Jonathan Richman’s “Roadrunner” in the soundtrack!)

Saturday was another day of frivolity and excitement. I went and met TJ in the wee early morning hours (10:30) to head for OurCon, a gaming convention at UMass. I’ll talk in more detail about that in a second post, but I did have me some fun there.

After OurCon Becky and I headed out to Agawam for some karaoke with Dan and Jen. This time your humble narrator actually got up and sang. I started out with a no-brainer: “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” by Cake. Not exactly melodic, which made it easy. Of course, if you’re not familiar with the song, you’ll think I’m just some schmuck who can’t sing. So the next one I did was “Alison” by Elvis Costello. I couldn’t really hear myself too well, so I wasn’t sure how well that went. By the time my third song came around, “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger, it was about 1:30 in the morning, and we’d been drinking beer, talking loudly, and sitting in a smoke-filled bar. About three lines in, my voice said, “Okay, we’re done here!” and took off. So that one was a disaster. Note to self: only two songs and practice! Fortunately my meltdown wasn’t the worst performance of the night — that honor went to the couple that decided to do “Summer Nights” from Grease and ad-lib in all kinds of sexual references. The resulting “Dirty Whore Mix” of the song should have been an embarrassment to all involved parties. The Danimal gave us very good renditions of “Photograph” by Weezer, “A Perfect Day” by American Hi-Fi, and the crowd-pleasing “Tiny Dancer,” his signature tune. Richard, a friend of Dan’s dad, was there with his girlfriend, and they both knocked ’em dead, the former doing some classic Sinatra and the latter totally owning Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.”

Sunday may have been a day of rest for Our Lord, but for us it was a day of labor. Last fall we raked up 30 bags of leaves, you may recall, but that wasn’t all of it. We got snow before we finished the task. So we took advantage of the nice weather to get out in the yard and try to pretty things up. We raked up ten more bags of leaves (we’re still just talking about the front yard here) and trimmed back some bushes. We also cleaned up the other side of our back fence that borders on the street behind us. In addition, I washed to car, Becky did some planting, and we picked up some trash out of the yard. Hopefully our house is less of an eyesore now. We also met our new neighbors, who moved into the big pink house. Beebo enjoyed being able to run around outside for quite some time during all of this.

All of this work deserved a reward, so we headed for Friendly’s for some ice cream afterwards.

It’s been some time since we had that much activity packed into a single weekend. My aged bones are definitely feeling the effects!

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