24 Hour Comics Day

Oh hey, I also wanted to add this, from the Modern Myths site. It sounds really interesting, and I’m hoping to stop by and check it out. You can get more info on the idea and events in your area at the 24 Hour Comics website.

(UPDATE: Here’s comic artist Phil Foglio’s 24 Hour Comic from 2003.)


24 HOUR COMICS DAY IS COMING : 4-24-2004 is the day to create comics!

The comics community gets a new holiday this April 24th with the introduction of 24 Hour Comics Day, a day to not only celebrate but to engage in the creation of comics. Based on the experiment created by Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics author Scott McCloud, this event encourages everyone from casual comics fans to big-time pros to try to create their own full 24-page comic book in 24 consecutive hours.

“Most comic book stories that people buy are the result of literally months of work, when you consider all of the writing, drawing, lettering, and coloring that goes into them,” explains Jim Crocker, manager of Modern Myths, the Northampton comic book store who is hosting local artists for the event. “Years ago, leading comics theoretician Scott McCloud invented an exercise where you set aside 24 consecutive hours and try to create a complete 24 page comic book story. Hundreds of people have taken the challenge, including McCloud himself, Sandman creator Neil Gaiman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, and many others. Obviously, with an hour per page you’re not going to get the most polished possible work, but in the works people have created there is an amazing strain not only of raw energy but of cleverness, wit, and pure human emotion, plus a surprising amount of grace. We’re really looking forward to seeing what some of our local artists come up with!”

To help creative individuals participate in 24 Hour Comics Day, Modern Myths, along with other comic book stores around the country, will host a special 24 Hour Comics Day event on April 24 (4-24-04). Starting at noon on Saturday, they will offer creators space to work on their comics in a group atmosphere, so that everyone keeps each other’s energy up. Food and drink will be supplied. And while some stores are simply renting some working space in a nearby hotel, Modern Myths will have the creators actually working inside the store, so that curious fans can actually watch this comics creation taking place, and even stay open for the full 24 hour period of the event, giving fans that rare opportunity to buy comics at 4 AM, including a collection of some of the best 24 Hour Comics created so far, by creators like Gaiman, Vermont artist Steve Bisette, and 7 other independent comics artists. The publisher, About Comics, also hopes to publish the best examples of work from this year’s event, as judged by its creator, Scott McCloud.

Modern Myths, LLC is located at 34 Bridge Street in Northampton, across from the Northampton Post Office. Call them at 413-582-6973 or go to their web site (www.modern-myths.com) for more information, or to participate as a creator. For more information on the history of 24 Hour Comics, go to www.24hourcomics.com. Creators should arrive with all materials 30 minutes before the event starts. Walk-ins are welcome.

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