BREAKING! Captain Carrot to Return to DC Universe!

Keith Giffen, who’s bringing Space Cabby back as “a maniacal conspiracy nut like Travis Bickle” has decided that not enough DC characters I used to like are going to get bwa-ha-haed by him, so this Threshold thing he’s doing will also include:

Jaxxon, the green Star Wars rabbit! Except not green because it’s not Jaxxon, that’s the Nu-52 Captain Carrot. His name is “Captain K’Rot”, apparently.

He is clearly a much better character than this:

Because who would want a funny rabbit superhero when they could have a grimdark antihero instead?

Thanks, Keith Giffen! (Source)

(It shouldn’t be forgotten, however, that DC prepared us all for this moment by releasing “Captain Carrot and the Final Ark” a few years ago, which was terrible and had a stupid ending.)

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