Showcase Showdown

I’ve been getting through some graphic novels and trades and other comickal what-nots, but there’s one brand of funnybook that I’ve neglected for some time, and that’s Showcases. (“Showcases” being my chosen generic term for big thick black-and-white reprint books.) Here’s the current Showcase stack:

The tall stack is what needs to be read. The short one is what has been read. That’s a lot of comics there.

I started last week to go after that tower in earnest, and began with Ghosts. I got about a quarter of the way in when it became clear that these stories are just not very good. Not even amusingly bad, just dull and uninteresting. I tried a little more and nothing happened to change that, so I abandoned it. I think it’s a good policy for me to really think extra hard before ordering any of these collecting stuff from the 70s. There’s something about 70’s comics that just doesn’t generally work for me.

So now I’m on to the unpictured Legion of Super-Heroes vol 4 and that’s more like it. Super-teens, acting like jerks, pulling out literally the deus ex machina machine to wrap up a story. It’s 1969, but still grounded firmly in the Silver Age. It represents all the hopes and dreams of a bygone era, including this:

We can all relate to that image, can’t we?

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