More of the Big Nerd Box

The Big Nerd Box has even more stuff in it now! In fact, its cup runneth over with sweet nerd nectar. Here’s some of what got added:

Robots! So many robots in all shapes and sizes! Some wind up and walk! Some are fully poseable! Some are famous! Some are probably famous to people who know something about anime! These are just a few of the robots!

Cylon raiders, version one and two! The version two one has a little Cylon inside! The version one raider was one that had previously been crippled with non-firing missiles until I figured out how they did it and fixed it! And then I lost the missiles!

Stikfas! Looks like I have two regular ones, a robot one, and at least one other. You can do something with these if you’re not me, who didn’t even bother to open one of them.

I have two of these!

Yo Joe! These are some of the 80s G.I. Joes, I think. From left to right they are: First Aid, Sneakster, Linux, Hey Shoot Here, Elbows, and a TIE Fighter Pilot.

A big chunky pseudo-Nazi! I have no idea who this guy is or why I bought him. (He has a hat that is elsewhere in the box.) Maybe to fight the Judge Dredd, Hellboy, or Space Ghost action figures that are also in the box.

A big alien you can put on the mantle and a smaller alien you can keep in your handbag. You’ll always have an alien with you should the need arise.

I sold a bunch of Star Wars Micro Machines playsets several years ago, but kept these two, the spaceships, and the little figures. Why did I keep them? So they could sit in a box for a few more years. Well, here they are!

And also in there is a Hellboy lunch box! A mini plush Cthulhu! A Game Boy Color and several games! Did I mention robots?

How much would YOU pay for this treasure trove? Don’t answer, because there’s more coming!

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