Loud Music Used to Just Be a Forty Dollar Fine

After Obama’s re-election, handgun sales predictably went up. That’s because, as usual, the NRA had gun owners in a lather about Obama taking guns away and such and so forth and their supporters went out and did the work for the NRA’s real employers, gun manufacturers. I’m always amazed that these scare stories of UN Troops rolling into towns to seize guns work, considering that even after Gabrielle Giffords, even after Aurora, even after Trayvon Martin and Chicago and the Sikh temple and all the others, not a single gun has been taken away, nor a single serious discussion about gun control taken place among our leaders. The United States loves its guns, or at least pretty much every single politician does, and there is no serious debate anymore. That anyone is allowed to have just about any type and quantity of guns and ammunition is a given, and there are no wheels in motion to change that, nor even contemplation of such wheels. (In fact, if you recall the “Fast and Furious” shrieking from earlier in the year, when the right wing was suddenly Very Concerned about a gun crime investigation gone wrong, you won’t be surprised to know that the whole outrage was ginned up to weaken and get rid of the ATF, not because there was any concern about gun violence.)

So, given the fact that guns are still A-O-Kay and given what we learned about how many white people feel about black people in this years embarrassing election (they still don’t much care for them, and it’s called “The White House” for a reason) and given that we as a country tend to believe we already know everything worth knowing and learning lessons is for snobs and fags, it surprises nobody to hear that we’re going to do the Trayvon Martin thing all over again.

At a convenience store in Florida (of course), an SUV of black teens was playing their music too loud for Michael David Dunn, who asked them to turn it down. Words were exchanged and Dunn ended up firing eight shots into the SUV. Dunn and his girlfriend then fled the scene and decided not to tell anyone about it until they heard the next morning that one of the passengers, Jordan Russell Davis, had been killed. Dunn then turned himself in.

Dunn is being held on murder/attempted murder charges, but has pled not guilty and is claiming self defense (and invoking Florida’s notorious “Stand Your Ground” law, otherwise known as the “Last Man Standing” law). His lawyer says Dunn’s all broken up that Davis died. “It was never his intention to kill anyone,” she said, revealing that Dunn — described as a “gun collector”* — apparently had no idea what guns do and what the effect of firing one into a car full of people eight times might be. Seems that the teens threatened Dunn and he thought he saw a gun, and he feared for his life, even though his own story never includes any of them even leaving their vehicle.

Since playing rap music at loud volumes is a capital crime in Florida, Dunn pretty much just saved the state the cost of a trial and execution. Seriously, if middle-aged white guys being scared of black teens allows the former to shoot the latter to death without penalty then the GOP might have a winning strategy for 2016.

Fortunately, so far things are not looking so hot for Dunn. He doesn’t seem to have as many loudmouth wingnuts rallying around him as George Zimmerman had (and still has), even though the black kid he shot was in the process of committing a crime (annoying a white person) and not just being suspiciously black as Martin was. Maybe it’s because Dunn might be legitimately sad about what he’s done, which makes him weak and an unfit champion for whiteness? Was Davis wearing an incriminating hoodie? Was the convenience store in a “decent” neighborhood, where Davis and his friends shouldn’t have been? Questions remain.

* — and a software developer! You don’t suppose he had some libertarian political leanings, do you?

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