A Nnovvember Triumph!

I wasn’t sure I would have a Vic Viper built for this year’s Nnovvember celebration. I haven’t touched my Legos in ages and was having trouble motivating myself to get building. In fact, for the past couple weeks I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to do much of anything, which has been a big problem.

Last night, though, armed with only a vague notion of what I wanted to do, I dug into my bricks and emerged a mere two hours later with a design I really liked. And here it is.

I went with a monochromatic design to make things easier on me. What I had to start with was a shape — specifically, the vertical “prongs” — and sticking with one color helped to focus on that. Once I had a real model I could work on adding color to it. However, I like the all-yellow look (yellow is not the most represented of colors for these) and kept with it.

The other thing I was doing was trying to build against my instincts. I wanted to avoid a lot of the stuff I normally go with in order to get a shape that was different and interesting. The asymmetrical thing is something of a cliche in the Lego world at large, but it was pretty new for me.

I also downplayed the wings for a change and, to be honest, the tail got added when I realized I didn’t have one (there were originally three of those round things instead). I like it better without the tail, actually, but a Vic Viper has a tail.

So there you have it, in almost the nick of time! A Vic Viper for 2012! You can see more of it here.

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