The Big Nerd Box: Preview

Another goal for the Thanksgiving holiday was to straighten up my office. Usually this just means picking things up off the floor and cramming them onto shelves, into drawers, or into the closet, but I’ve declared a War on Things and so this endeavor has taken on a different aspect. One trash bag has already been filled while another is almost there. The recycling bin is full, so I can’t put the probably half-bin more stuff I have in there yet. And I have yet more work to do.

Some comics had already gone; more are going. Some boardgames had been put aside to sell; more have been added. Things I have been keeping for no fathomable reason have been tossed; things I’ve been keeping because of memories as though the memories will go away if the thing does are also getting tossed. For example, is there a reason to hang on to a ton of cassette tapes — even my most beloved ones — if I don’t even own a cassette player anymore?

And then there is…the Big Nerd Box. Being a geek, I have a lot of the sorts of things that geeks have a lot of. I don’t need them anymore, but how do you get rid of them? They don’t really recycle, they shouldn’t go to a landfill if there’s no need, and they’d just rot in a thrift store, since nobody except nerds would want them. I might could get some cash for them off eBay, but that would mean going on eBay, which isn’t going to happen. I have a possible solution, though, and part of it involves the Big Nerd Box. All of it’s going into a big box. Here it is so far:

(click to make big)

You can see some of the stuff in there. There’s a die-cast robot, some baseball caps, a Hellboy lunchbox (and an Hellboy action figure), a Game Boy color and some cartridges, an old Handspring visor, my TI-89, a cribbage board, a small plush Cthulhu, and a bunch of other things. A lot more will be added when I get up in the attic.

The plan is that once the box is assembled, I’m going to try to unload it all for like $100 or so on Craigslist. You buy the box, you pick it up, you take it away. I don’t care what you do with it afterwards, but it’s gone from me and the effort I had to put in was low. In addition I get some money, some space, some mental relief, and maybe make somebody happy.

I’ll keep you posted on what gets added to the Big Nerd Box!

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