Legomancer Digs This Day

Behold! It has been found! The fabled Batman comic where he digs a day has been located. The comic in question is Brave and the Bold, issue #102, where Batman teams up with the Teen Titans. I highly recommend this work of art. Hippy-era comics in which teenage dialog is written by 40-year old guys is always entertaining, but if that guy is Bob Haney, comics writer unparalleled, the results are tripled. “These kids are on a downer to nowhere,” says Robin, “Unless we can swing something!”

Not only does it have Batman walking around in broad daylight, it’s the only comic I’m aware of in which Kid Flash uses his superpowers to trap a whole sackful of rats. Also it has Batman telling the Young Aquarians how bad vigilanteism is, and a crime-filled section of Gotham City that Batman hasn’t set foot in for years, according to himself. Earth-H in full effect!

So there you go, folks! It’s been found! I’m sorry to say that the way I always envisioned the panel in my mind is much different, with Batman totally strutting, but I do like the fact that in the actual scene, not only is he out and about in the middle of the day, but no one seems to notice.

Many thanks to Tim O’Neil at The Hurting for posting my plea and to Steven Wintle at Flat Earth who not only provided the info, but then gave a run-down on the issue. This is truly a swinging scene. Groovy!

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