Election Wrap-Up

I didn’t say much about the election yesterday because, frankly, I kind of hadn’t processed it yet. I wasn’t going to say anything today because I figured everyone was tired of hearing and talking about it, but apparently that isn’t the case. So here are a few scattered thoughts on the whole thing:

Obama — Yay, I suppose, but I am still not happy about all those things that only we Emoprogs care about, and I still plan on bitching about them. To me the wonderful thing was not really that Obama won, but that he didn’t lose. That is, the Right-Wing Outrage Machine, FOX News, Rove’s Super-PAC and so forth all failed, and by their own terms, failed pretty spectacularly.

Elizabeth Warren — A genuine yay there. She’s good people. And we don’t have to hear from that weaseldick Scott Brown anymore. I guess maybe your campaign needed one more idea than, “fake Indian lol,” Scottie.

Marriage Equality — Hells yes. Four more states on the side of history. Congratulations, and there will be more to come!

Nate Silver — Been hearing a lot about how “right” he was, and I get what people are saying, but it’s not that he was right. What he did was analyze the data as it should be analyzed. He didn’t cherrypick it to fit a chosen narrative, and he didn’t skew it to conform to some ideological bias. He wasn’t casting bones or interpreting tea leaves. He used math and stats as they were meant to and thereby got a pretty accurate picture of what the combined polls were saying. I’m not saying it was easy and that his work wasn’t important, but it wasn’t wizardry.

Team Rape Squad — Glad to see the female body shut this bunch of garbage down in a bung of legitimate defeats.

The Republican Party — Here’s a free tip, and I mean it sincerely. You guys look at groups like Hispanics, Blacks, Women, and you want them to vote for you. What you should do is say, “What can we do to appeal to these groups?” What you guys currently say is, “Can we find a Hispanic or two who dislikes them as much as we do?” Then again, don’t listen to me; you get a lot of mileage out of getting poor people to vote against poor people and Christians to vote against Humanity.

I really don’t know where the GOP goes from here. It wasn’t that Obama’s lead was super-landslide or anything, just that I don’t see any way but down for them from here. What they tried didn’t work, it’s all they’ve got, and it doesn’t show any signs of working in the future. I’ve heard rumblings of right-wingers saying that they were too nice, that Mitt wasn’t Conservative enough and hey, if that’s what you guys think, then by all means, go to town on that stuff.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I still think that Occupy Wall Street has helped inoculate Americans against supply-side bullshit and “bootstraps”. The recession, in a way, helped as well; it’s harder to convince folks that poor and unemployed people are lazy when there’s a good chance they are or know someone who’s in that situation. It’s a kind of self-correcting mechanism that the Prosperity Gospel doesn’t seem to work when most people aren’t doing that great.

Racism — One major negative takeaway here is how shameless and obvious the racism has gotten. Someone I follow on Twitter was retweeting scads of people (mostly ignorant teens, to be fair) saying how “It’s called the White House for a reason.” It doesn’t count as a dog whistle if it’s 120 dBs.

A QUICK JOKE — Folks at Rapture Ready are not happy about Obama victory. They’re acting like it’s not the end of the world.

PunditsSo many, so wrong. It would be nice to think that some of these people will not be allowed to get on TV or in the papers and write stupid wrong bullshit anymore, but we have Thomas Friedman, David Brooks, and many others to hold up as evidence that this never happens.

Romney — Congratulations, you now know what it’s like to not get something you want. Treasure this feeling and learn from it and maybe you’ll eventually understand why you didn’t get it.

Reality — This was the big winner this time, I think. Romney’s lies, GOP Reaganomics myths, crazy white man “science”, religion, fear, “unskewed polls”, conspiracy theories, and voter intimidation all failed. If I’m right, this is momentum we need to maintain.

You should also read what Andrew Weiss and Leonard Pierce had to say.

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