Election Day

Please go vote, unless you’re voting Republican, in which case don’t.

I don’t think Romney is going to win. Everything I’ve seen indicates that.

Obama is not the candidate I’d like, and I have a lot of problems with him. Like my fellow Emoprogs, I don’t support drone warfare, kill lists, expanded wiretapping, persecuting whistleblowers, and not prosecuting Wall Street. I’ll continue to hold his feet to the fire for those things and fight to get the Democrats out of Moderate Republican territory.

I’m not going to go all doom and gloom here and predict disaster for the US if Romney wins, but I will say that a victory for Romney will assure the GOP that they no longer have to work within the confines of the actual world anymore, and that’s not good for anyone. Already this is a party that demands the removal of evidence of things it doesn’t like, lies early and often, usually repeating lies even after they’ve been demonstrated to be false, actively campaigns against opponents by demonizing intelligence, and wraps it all up in a phony appeal to religion that they show no outward signs of actually believing in. And what for? Literally so that some very wealthy people can make even more money. That’s what it all comes down to: lining the already stuffed pockets of a few people.

This election shouldn’t be this close. Romney is only bringing three things to the table: a tax plan that is pure fantasy; being rich; being white. The first should get him laughed out of the running, the second should not make a difference, and the fact that the third is even the third should embarrass everyone. That we’re to take this clown seriously as a possible leader of the country is an insult.

It sounds like concern trolling on my part, but I was saying not long ago that I really wish the Republican Party could make itself relevant again. I want a reasonable opposition. I’d love for the choices in each election to be harder. I’d like an actual discussion of the issues at hand instead of posturing and thumping and hand waving. We have big problems facing this country and need people who are willing to tackle them beyond saying whatever they think Evangelical Christians want to hear. The two pillars of Conservatism — Jesus and supply-side economics — have no basis in reality, and making all your decisions rely on them won’t help you accomplish anything in the actual world.

That this is true is demonstrated by the most powerful weapon in the GOP arsenal after money: their boneheaded stubbornness. They spent 2000-2008 demanding that anyone who disagreed with them get rounded up as a terrorist, and the spineless Democrats got them used to it. The past four years started out with them bitching that since their man didn’t win, they weren’t getting representation and thus were being brutalized under a tyrannical regime. They declared right out the gate that their number one mission was to simply stonewall Obama and make sure he didn’t accomplish anything, then complained that nothing was getting done. In a desperate gamble they have tried to brand this as Obama’s fault, presenting the idea that voting for a Democrat is pointless because they will simply pout until they get their way and we should all accept this as valid. This is behavior you wouldn’t accept from a six-year-old, but it’s proposed by one of the two major political parties as a reasonable position.

A victory for Romney won’t result in bands of death robots patrolling the smoldering ruins of our cities while humans huddle in dark corners feasting on rats for sustenance. (Neither, I’d like to assure any Republicans who are still reading for some reason, will an Obama victory end in similar apocalyptic visions.) But it will continue the trend of letting fear, superstition, and ignorance (all powered by greed) triumph over any kind of actual engagement with reality. It won’t be a victory for anyone, in the long run.

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