If You See Me Coming To Your Post-Apocalyptic Town to Help You Regain Civilization, Pull Out a Shotgun and Tell Me to Keep Walking

People have asked me how I like my new Xbox and my answer has pretty much been, “I’ve been told it can play games other than Fallout: New Vegas but I don’t have any evidence of this or know why you’d want to even do that.”

It wasn’t my intention to play FNV so soon after completing Fallout 3, but the Xbox arrived on a Friday afternoon and the games I ordered wouldn’t make in until Monday and what else was I supposed to do? I went to Best Buy, saw FNV there, got it, and started it. A month later, I finished it, and as Becky can testify, I spent a lot of time playing.

And I finished it poorly! You’re pretty much given the keys to New Vegas and get to decide who gets them. Although I didn’t ultimately give them to the worst possible candidate, I gave them to probably the second-worst. (To make matters worse, in the end scenes I found out that the group I would have liked to give them to ultimately got wiped out by my choice.) This bad decision on my part was fueled by a combination of things: I did stuff a little out of order, which limited my choices some and I wasn’t paying close attention and couldn’t figure out what one party was trying to get me to do.

In addition, I had been warned that the game had a lot of stability issues, but everything went smoothly for me until the end. By the time I was reaching endgame I was regularly getting lockups and freezes and playing was becoming a chore. So I wasn’t eager to retrace my steps any more than necessary. There’s also the fact that I was ready to move on to something else.

As much as I did do, there’s still a lot I didn’t do. Out of all the expansions that came with this edition, I only played one of them — Old World Blues — which I didn’t really like that much. I left a good number of quests unfinished: never upgraded all the Ranger Stations (I couldn’t figure out how to get to Foxtrot without going through a never-ending supply of cazadors

I hate these even more than I hate our vacuum cleaner.

Or, as I call them, those asshole wasp things. For the same reason, also never got to Vault 34. Jacobstown popped up on the map well after I felt like trucking out to it. There were sewers and things around New Vegas that I never quite got around to. Never did find out the mystery of the Sunset Sarsaparilla star caps. I also didn’t use the companions much. I picked up Cass just to do a quest and dumped her soon afterwards. Since I tend to like sneaking and sniping, having another person around didn’t much appeal to me. Also, I play videogames so that I don’t have to hang out with other people.

I ended the game at level thirty-something (honestly, leveling didn’t really matter much to me after 25 or so), but more importantly with 138 pencils and 34 chessboards.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!

As for which I prefer between FO3 and FNV, I probably go with the former in a squeaker. Though the desert wasteland is a comfortable setting for Fallout, Washington D.C. was more interesting. Both games offer a lot, though, and I’ll eventually replay both of them.

I’m now on to Borderlands, which I’m hoping to power through to get to my real goal, Borderlands 2. I’m sure I’ll get there just in time for everyone to lose interest in it and be on to something else.

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