D&D on ESPN2

From the chatroom:

13:18:40 [legomancer] tonight on ESPN2: KEEP ON THE BORDERLANDS!

13:20:32 [lanfaedhe] Announcer: It appears Crondar the Rogue is going to attempt to pick a lock.

13:20:44 [lanfaedhe] Crondar: I’m going to pick the lock. What do I have to roll?

13:21:15 [lanfaedhe] Announcer: He’s choosing a glittery d20…that’s 20 sided die for those of you just tuning in…

13:21:19 [legomancer] “A risky move, Jim. Crondar’s botched 33% of lockpicking attempts this season. It’s just not his year.”

13:24:44 [shasticon] “I tell you, Bobby, that’s not as risky as you might think. That particular d20 is Crondar’s special reserve. He’s never rolled less than a thirteen with it, which gives him better than even odds to pick anything under a DC 35.”

13:25:31 [legomancer] “Ooooh a 6. That’s gonna cost them.”

13:26:14 [lanfaedhe] “At this point they are better off depending on Horg’s brawny arms, aren’t they? Haha.”

13:27:41 [legomancer] “And at the half it’s Horg with 14hp, Azraenna with 22, Crondar with 16, and Rakanar with 6. We’ll be back after this message from Cohiba Cigars.”

13:28:09 [shasticon] “Just a reminder, tune in tonight at seven for the pre-game countdown to the international Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil All-Conference Pro Bowl.”

13:31:27 [shasticon] Shana: “OH NO, Horg fell out of character and used a modern movie reference – this is gonna be bad, Mike.”

13:31:47 [shasticon] “Yes, Dave. Seems the DM has noticed, yep – he’s rolling – oh no, random monster tables, Dave!”

13:34:33 [legomancer] better yet, a ref comes out and blows a whistle. “PENALTY! HORG! OUT OF CHARACTER! RANDOM ENCOUNTER!”

No, I’m not a geek. Why do you ask?

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