As If To Exactly Illustrate My Point From a Couple Days Ago

The latest Previews came yesterday, and this little wonder was in it:

What you’re looking at there is a reproduction of a “playset” released in 1978. There are some differences between this item and the original.

First, this is scaled up. The vintage Star Wars figures were 3.75″ scale. These are 12″ scale. Subsequently the playset itself is much larger as well.

Secondly, and more importantly, the original set sold for $9, which is about $32 in today’s dollars. Each figure was about $2 a pop, with the cardboard backdrop I guess making up the other dollar. The set pictured here sells for $90, which means that the figures there are running you about $80 each.

What’s that? Something wrong with my math? Oh, I forgot the third part of the difference: the $90 item is just the cardboard backdrop. The figures aren’t included. They’ll run you $75-80 each on top of that.

But once you’ve dropped over $400 on this beauty, rest assured your large versions of old toys will be displayed, “on hefty, high-quality cardstock“. The finest cardstock $90 can buy!

Remember, though, you’re not just buying cardboard for 90 dollars. You’re buying a chance to, “recapture that sense of wonder you had when you first saw this in the Holiday Wishbook!”

And really, can you put a price on that?

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