Poetry Corner Update

Several years ago I shared one of my all-time favorite poems with you all. At the time I didn’t know the author (or, it turns out, the correct title). But advances in Googling have now rescued those things! So here you have “Myself Contains Multitudes” by Buck Downs, as was printed in Thus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader, 1988-1998, Volume 1.


and some
of these fuckers
have got to go

(Buck Downs)

This poem is also found in Downs’ collection, Recreational Vehicle, which can be ordered from his website.

Mr. Downs, I am not exaggerating when I list this as one of my all-time favorite poems, though it should be fairly stated that I don’t have a whole lot of poetry under my belt. I have spoken of it often to people over the years, and I’m delighted that I can now say who it was who wrote it.

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