Yes, Exhilarating is Just the Very Word I Was Thinking Of!

I’ve been through the five stages of grief with Star Wars and come out on the other side at Acceptance. The memories I had as a kid are still intact, some love for it is still there, but for the most part it’s no longer a thing for me and that’s okay. If other folks get something out of it, hey, have a good time.

So I don’t post this with the attitude of “Oh my god, look how they’re crapping all over my childhood and trivializing a beloved movie where a space knight teams up with a gay robot to fight Star Hitler.”

I post it because just look at it.

And let’s look at the press release associated with it:

“We’ve developed a selection of innovative toys and games featuring ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS that delivers new ways to play for fans of these two great franchises,” said John Frascotti, Chief Marketing Officer for Hasbro. “We’re proud of our heritage of delivering STAR WARS toys that have entertained generations of kids and we’re excited to offer fans of both STAR WARS and ANGRY BIRDS the opportunity to experience their favorite characters and icons in exhilarating new ways.”

You know, no matter how low I may get about my own job from time to time, I’ll at least never have to be the guy who wrote that.

This is part of why Previews posts are on an indefinite hiatus. First, there’s only so many ways to make jokes about the same old stupid shit every month. But most of all, the stupid shit itself has become so oppressive and just not fun at all, not even to mock.

So much of American culture seems to imply the existence of a guy looking out at a landfill and being upset that there’s not enough trash in it. Walking through the grocery store the other day we were suddenly struck by how many items apparently exist only to put more plastic packaging waste into the world. At least in that case there’s ketchup or something in the midst of all that plastic junk, but in other areas, like the back of Previews, the goal is the plastic junk.

Lord knows I’ve gone through some Star Wars figures, Gundam figures, and various other plastic foolishness in my lifetime, so I’m not casting stones here. I’m just saying, it’s gotten to be too much. Not even owning it, just looking at it makes me feel kind of overwhelmed and uncomfortable and sad.

For the moment I still get Previews, and I still go through the whole thing and wince and cringe and roll my eyes and shake my head (and, to be fair, also see some cool stuff), but I just don’t want to linger on it any more than necessary or haul out the same offenses and offenders over and over. Maybe I’ll feel differently about that at some point, but that doesn’t seem to be the direction in which this is all heading.

(Many thanks to Dave for bringing this to my attention. Many, many thanks. Dave. I’m ever so thankful.)

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