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Congrats go to Anne, Stewart, and Sydney, who are going to be moving to Sin City! They’ve decided that Las Vegas is going to be their new home, due to a job offer for Stewart. Anne is particularly excited about this, as it will give her the chance to visit The Thunder From Down Under often. This will also allow Sydney to improve her math skills.

I recently finished the graphic novel Gemma Bovery by Posy Simmonds and found it quite enjoyable. A story of an unhappy woman whose life seemingly parallels that of Gustave Flaubert’s famous character, with not one, not two, but THREE unreliable narrators! And I really like the art style. I need to crank up LegOpinions again.

The Massachusetts primary was on Tuesday, and it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Kerry would win here. I decided to throw a little love towards Kucinich, who’s been criminally mistreated this entire campaign. I still don’t like Kerry and don’t trust him, but I’ll still vote for him, what with him not being Bush and all.

Speaking of things I’d rather vote for than Bush, the dead raccoon is gone. At some point during the winter a raccoon died behind my neighbor’s garage. The yards are situated such that he’d never see the thing, but we get a nice view from the kitchen window. I tried twice to go over there and tell him about it, but no one answered the door. Eventually snow covered the thing and I tried not to think about it. Not only did I not know the best way to get a dead animal out of his yard, but I didn’t particularly want to mess with a dead raccoon. Yesterday I finally took matters in my own hands, so to speak, and jumped the fence with a lawn bag, a shovel, and lawn gloves. No telling what anyone who might have seen me would have thought. But the unfortunate creature has been taken care of. Aren’t you glad I shared this? Viva la blog!

In the comics blogosphere there’s a big huzzah because Alan David Doane, who often does a “5 Questions” mini-interview with various creators, somehow managed to sit comics legend Alan Moore down for grilling. Now, that’s pretty neat, and I don’t mean to take anything away from that accomplishment, but my question is — how unusual am I for not caring? Nothing against Mr. Moore, whose work I really enjoy, or Mr. Doane, who runs a nice site, but I not only do not want to get inside the heads of the people who create art I like, but I pretty much studiously avoid it. I don’t read Neil Gaiman’s blog, I haven’t read this interview, I don’t look at director’s commentaries, etc. Is it a product of my previously documented hatred for George Lucas and Ridley Scott? A disgruntlement that Grant Morrison has decided that giving wacky and fun interviews is more interesting than writing wacky and fun comics? Is it the number of times I’ve cringed when the creator of something I like opens his stupid mouth? I really don’t know. What I do know is that within the “comics blogosphere” (and within most of the internet, period) there’s this desire to be on the inside, to meet, know, and chat with the creators, almost to the exclusion of the books they’re creating. The works themselves are merely an excuse to show how many Insider Points you have with the creator. I’m not accusing Mr. Doane of this, nor anyone that interviews creators. I just think that the fascination with the people behind the works, at the expense of the works themselves, is rather odd. At least, to me.

I need to update the Legonomicon over there on the right, but one thing that won’t change is: I’m still playing Diablo II. I already finished it, but am now playing again, only this time online. If you enjoy mindless hack-n-slash and a never-ending quest for better and cooler equipment, you can do worse than Diablo II. I’m really surprised at how addictive it’s become. I did try to escape its clutches and switch to Dungeon Siege, which I recently bought the expansion for, but no dice. It won’t run correctly. General consensus is that my video card isn’t beefy enough to run it, which is disappointing, but isn’t going to make me run out and buy another one any time soon. I’ll upgrade it eventually. In the meantime I’m looking forward to some new games coming out, including Beyond Divinity, a sequel to Divine Divinity, which I really enjoyed.

Finally, a shout-out to KEXP, a Seattle-based radio station that streams on the web. Melanie hipped me to this, and I’ve really been enjoying it, as have other people I’ve twigged to it. A nice variety of interesting music, and I now have a long list of bands I now want to check out.

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