Hey Kids! Comics!

Holy cow! My local library has all kinds of great comics stuff available through inter-library loan! The fact that this is news to me is kind of embarrassing, but I’m glad I know it. I just requested ‘Blankets’ by Paul Thompson and am already looking to get stuff by Joe Sacco and Los Bros Hernandez, some Krazy Kat stuff, Persepolis, and all kinds of other things. Perhaps some of the superheroey stuff that I enjoy reading, but don’t usually buy.

Of course, I’d rather buy all this stuff, both because I want to support the creators and because I like having graphic novels on my shelves, but there’s nothing stopping me from also buying them when I have the fundage, since I do enjoy reading stuff over and over.

I guess the reason this never really occurred to me was my experience with comics at the library in the past. Apart from a few ragged Superman graphic novels, there was never much available. (Though I did first get to read Little Nemo courtesy of the Illinois State University library.) But libraries and comics have both growed up a bit, I guess, and I imagine it doesn’t hurt being in a more metropolitan area now. So yay! Free comics! Huzzah for being able to read stuff I can’t afford yet or am not sure I want to purchase!

Modern Myths, my shop, has nothing to worry about. I imagine I’ll still spend just as much money, only better focused. Now that I don’t have to spend money to try out an unknown graphic novel, I can aim that money at more volumes of stuff I already know I like, like some more manga or Usagi Yojimbo TPBs or whatever. And also I can buy my own copies of things I got from the library and want to own.

So huzzah!

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