The Post it Took Me Five Years to Create

Order Summary:

1 “Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle”

1 “Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year”

1 “Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black”


1 “Xbox 360 LIVE 1600 Points”

1 “Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership”

I have finally succumbed, despite my recent protests.

What changed my mind? I suppose my recent rediscovery of how much I like playing videogames, combined with my desire to not be sequestered in my office playing them all the time. Plus, there’s the fact that I have a bunch of friends on the Xbox. There was also the matter of a bonus I got from work for my ten-year anniversary there (it was a somewhat belated bonus.)

I’m getting the Racing Bundle even though I don’t care about the game (Forza 4) or the wheel controller with which it comes. The bundle costs the same as the same thing without the game or wheel and Dan went apoplectic and red-faced when I suggested that, free or not, I didn’t want them. Turns out Andrew wouldn’t mind the wheel and Dan can probably sell the game to someone at his work, so they’ll get used after all without me having to do much of anything.

One game I got (other than Forza) is Red Dead Redemption, which is a western-themed sandbox, explory type game similar to Fallout, but which also has multiplayer. My Xbox pals play this together from time to time, so I will already be able to join in, assuming they let me. The other game I got is a SECRET.

So look at me! Playing FPSes, semi-current games, and with a next-gen console! Soon I will be pwning n00bs and getting called names by 12-year-olds and saying asinine misogynist bullshit just like a videogaming veteran!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have five years of Penny Arcade and Kotaku to catch up on!

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