The Post-Post-Apocalyptic World

Saturday afternoon I finished Fallout 3. The end of the game came upon me abruptly, largely because I abruptly decided to head for it. I had been ignoring the main quest and instead wandering around exploring, doing side quests, and so forth. Three things were becoming apparent:

1) Nothing was particularly challenging to me anymore. I had more ammo than god, I could kill just about anything without too much trouble, and there weren’t any items I was particularly interested in.

2) I was going to want to play this again, with a different type of character.

3) There was a lot I hadn’t seen or done yet. If I didn’t stop now, when would I?

So I made my way to the exit. I left the unseen stuff for my next character. It didn’t take me that long once I decided to do it.

I was pleased that the end of the game wasn’t a big boss fight. I hate that stuff, and find it to be the absolute opposite of climactic. If I recall, it shares this trait with the other Fallout games.

I will definitely revisit this world eventually. I’ve even thought about trying to play as a “bad guy” just to hear Three Dog talk shit about me on GNR. (I never can play bad guys, though. It’s never that much fun.)

If you’re ever in Megaton, come visit old Fetcher there. We can play a game:

Or, you know, just hang out in the Pencil Room.

In a related event, also on Saturday I received a birthday present from pal Stewart: the swag one got in the original Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition!

A Vault-Tec lunchbox! The Art of Fallout 3! Making of DVD! Pip-Boy bobblehead! You’re the best, Stewart!

I think it’s pretty clear I had a blast playing Fallout 3 — a nuclear blast! Ha ha. Ahem. I will eventually also try Fallout: New Vegas, but I’ve heard it’s kind of buggy.

What I ended up starting next is Bioshock. I’m only a little ways in, after a restart (note: if the game asks you if you’re new to shooters and you’re new to shooters, don’t lie and say you’ve played some shooters.) I’m not going to say too much about it yet, since I’m not terribly far into it, but I will say that there need to be more games where I can set people who idolize Ayn Rand on fire.

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