R.I.P. Julius Schwartz

I was going to hold off on comics entries for a bit, but I wanted to mention this. Julius Schwartz died yesterday at age 89. Julius, or “Julie” as he was known, was possibly the most influential editor DC Comics ever had. You can read about him and his accomplishments here.

A few years ago at Comicon, Schwartz gave a panel where he just talked about some of his experiences at DC. I wasn’t really going to go, since I don’t know a lot about Silver Age comics, and didn’t think I’d really be able to get into it, but my friend Chris convinced me to go. I’m really glad he did, as it was a fascinating talk. Schwartz was funny, personable, humble, and interesting, and the allotted time went by far too fast.

One of the anecdotes he shared, I’ll relate here, only not as well.

During his time as an editor, he received a mock-up for the cover of a war comic for his approval. He didn’t like the placement of something on it, so he wrote a note on it: “Drop one inch”. When he received the final cover, someone had misinterpreted the note and now the cover boasted that one of the stories inside was called “Drop One Inch!” He had to quickly write a comic to accompany this title, and did so.

To say he will be missed is not entirely correct: he and creators from that era like him are already missed. People who just enjoy comics, the characters, the medium. He was one of the greats, though, and the world of comics is much richer because of his work.

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