Life on the Moon

Congratulations go to TJ and Mary, who are buying a house! We’re kind of stoked about this, because they’ll be living right down the street from us. The house looks great and we’ll be happy to help move stuff.

Also to Stewart, who got a job offer from a hospital in Las Vegas! Anne would be able to see the Thunder From Down Under whenever she wants!

I heard from Scott the other day, who is now in Missouri with a new job he really enjoys. He and Laura and little Anna are doing fine.

Other than that, news has been slow here. It’s been cold, icy, and snowy, so we haven’t wanted to leave the house much. We’ve been playing a lot of PS2: we finished Dark Alliance II and followed it with — more Dark Alliance II! Yep, we started it again with different characters. It’s much harder this time, even though we didn’t touch the difficulty level.

We did go out last weekend for Chinese food, and I got this fortune:

Maybe you can live on the moon in next century.

Based on this, I’ve developed the following plan:

Step One: Make it to next century.
Step Two: Live on the moon!

This is going to be the title of my next mix CD, which I’ve already started working on.

Well, it’s not much of an update, but I wanted to get something non-comics and non-politics in here and shout out to my homies. Peace.

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