No More 9/11

With the new report that the 9/11 Commission has been told it’s out of time by the Bush Administration, I think Bush forfeits his right to bring up 9/11 during the campaign. If he was the man his supporters claim he is, he would be embarrassed at his shoddy handling of this event.

FACT: Osama bin Ladin still has his job. Do you have yours? This war in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, despite what conservatives would have you believe. Iraq wasn’t behind the attack, Osama bin Ladin was, and he’s still free as a bird. The Taliban supported him, and not only are they regaining power in Afghanistan, there’s rumors we may even be working with them. Saudi Arabia provided 15 of the 19 hijackers and is still our good friend. Instead of striking at the heart of terrorism, Bush has allowed the architects of 9/11 go virtually unpunished, instead using our resources to go after his father’s enemy.

FACT: With the demand that the 9/11 Committee present its findings early, we close the book on the investigation of the event. The single largest terrorist event against America in history, and we spend less time and money on it than we did investigating a blowjob in the Oval Office. That’s how much he cares about this. That’s how concerned he is.

FACT: Despite promises and photo-ops to the contrary, Bush has pulled financial support from “first responders” such as firefighters and police. Due to his policies, should such an event happen again, we would be even less prepared to handle it than we were on that day.

Bush has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was nothing more than an opportunity to pursue his own agenda without fear of criticism. Many people have said “thank God Gore wasn’t in the White House for 9/11” but honestly, what would he have done differently in those first few days. Bush’s actions right after the event were exactly what one would expect — which is fine, because they were the appropriate actions. It’s his actions afterwards that are a problem. In almost no time at all he had squandered the goodwill and support the world gave us, he abandoned the search for the true perpetrators, and he’s now ended the investigation into what could have been done to prevent it. And then his supporters have the audacity to criticize Howard Dean for saying that we’re no safer with Saddam Hussein out of office.

“Never forget” is what people have said of 9/11. Odd that the person most of them support is trying his damndest to make people forget.

Osama bin Ladin isn’t running for President, but apparently his “running airplanes into buildings” program has the full support of George Bush. Vote for Bush if you agree with this idea.

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