My Own Manga Stack

Well, I’m hip-deep in the manga now. Not only have I bought some for me, I bought some for people for Christmas (Samurai Deeper Kyo and Chronicles of the Cursed Sword for my nephew, and Initial D for my brother-in-law.)

Here’s my own Stack of Intimidation:

I'm ga-ga for manga!

As you can see, I’ve gone past the initial stage of trying out titles and have continued with ones I liked. (On the “to-buy” list: more Hellsing, Kindaichi, Firefighter, and Sanctuary, plus more of the ones I have second volumes of.) I’m really enjoying them, and am glad I was able to get past my initial prejudices to enjoy a whole new branch of comics. I haven’t yet read Planetes 2, Cowboy Bebop, or Trigun.

Also, I don’t know if it counts, but TJ loaned me some old Usagi Yojimbo trades that I’ve been enjoying. I have some Usagi and have always wanted to get more, and plan to do so soon. It’s nice to be able to start from the beginning.

I said before that manga was mostly robots and panties, and I was wrong. There’s a wide variety of stuff out there. My thanks go to those people online and off who helped me find the good stuff, especially my comics store, Modern Myths, that not only has a wide selection, but brought Planetes to my attention, which started this whole mess.

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