Bang! Pow! To the Moon!

So. Bush wants to go to the moon. Hey, I’m all for it, unless someone other than him is going, and he’s not staying there forever.

Alas, that’s not the case. As usual, his plans involve other people taking the risks and footing the bills, while he sits back and claims credit for the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong. As a card-carrying geek, I love me some space program. I’m all for moonbases and going to Mars and space stations and cool stuff like that. But is this really the time for it? We’re a zillion dollars in debt thanks to his other big ideas, our health care system sucks, states are going bankrupt, and we’re going to literally shoot money into outer space? It’s especially boggling since the Republicans have stonewalled the space program for years.

Imagine you’re writing a comic book where a fourth-grader gets hold of a genie. Let’s think of what he might wish for. “I wanna be rich, Genie! Now all my friends will be rich too! That kid that was mean to me? I want him taken down hard! And all the people I don’t like? I’m going to make them go away! And everyone has to love me! And then…then, Genie…I wanna go to the MOON!”

Might be a fun comic book, if we weren’t living it. Come this November, we’ll have a chance to escape our roles as bit players in someone else’s real-life adolescent power fantasies. Of course, if the Democrats can’t stop assassinating each other and focus on the shared enemy, we’ll get to find out what tricks the genie’s gonna have to do next.

UPDATE – Well, what do you know!

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