Why You Aren’t Reading My Review of Prometheus

I didn’t go see it.

We were going to go on Saturday evening, but what I was hearing by that point wasn’t the sort of thing that gets me to drop $30+ bucks and go to a theater. Since then, not only have I still not heard anything that makes me eager to rush out, I’ve heard things that make me glad I didn’t.

The trailer certainly looked good and the idea behind could have been interesting, but I think I’m okay with Alien still being what it is for me, since what it is is pretty damn good.

When it’s out on DVD maybe I’ll watch it then. Maybe I’ll just read interviews with Ridley Scott in a few years where he can tell me what it was really about. Maybe I just won’t worry about it.

So that’s one of my planned theater movies for the year down. I assume that Moonrise Kingdom will eventually be playing in my area code, and I’m pretty sure The Hobbit is still a “go”.

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