Bad Dog! No Biscuit!

Last night was a series of unfortunate events that would make even Lemony Snicket wince.

Dan picks me up and we head to Northampton to go pick up the Zombies 3.5 expansion, which is in at a CERTAIN GAME STORE. Said game store closes at 6:00, so we hustle hustle to get there, arriving at a little before quarter of six! Whew, just enough time to run in and grab it!

WRONG! The store is inexplicably CLOSED. And someone inside sees us knocking and remains closed. ARGH.

My comic store, Modern Myths, doesn’t have it, despite Dan’s attempts to stare it into existence on the shelves. We are sad.

So we decide to gather up our courage and moral fortitude and venture into the Dragon’s Lair, such is our desire for this item. There we encounter an individual who requires Dan to state over and over that he wants the “Zombies 3.5” expansion set for the game Zombies, while all the time having to repeat the words “Zombies,” “3.5,” “board game,” and “Zombies” to the clueless employee. Hooray! Two living game store stereotypes in one night!

Disheartened, we go to Taco Bell to grab some food before heading to my place. At Taco Bell we encounter more utterly inept workers going through a bizarre dance of mystery involving giving me my change. I become convinced during this that the problem in America may not be unemployment, but that the wrong people ARE employed.

We then return to my place, where we cap off a stellar evening with Dan getting bit by Beebo. Beebo had been pretty good about this for so long, and had been around Dan without problems, but there was one of my new friends cleaning off a wound inflicted by our troubled dog.

(It’s so frustrating to us with Beebo. He’s very sweet to us, and often is no problem around others. But every now and then something just sets him off, and we don’t know what. We’re just going to have to lock him up whenever any company is over.)

Not even the wacky hijinx of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force could dispel the cloud of gloom over us for the evening.

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