Space Cabby Drives by Max Huffman

Max Huffman is a wunderkind comics auteur who has near-mastery of both space and time. A while back, before his powers manifested, he was looking to get a new computer and ran a little Kickstarter. I liked Max’s work and saw that one of the rewards was a sketch, so I did the usual.

Fast forward to Saturday evening. As you all know, if I see the movies you people are talking about at all it’s way after you’ve moved on to something else. Becky and I stopped at the Redbox and picked up Drive, a madcap romantic comedy where a lonely, gentle soul (Ryan Gosling) attempts to woo his neighbor, Sparklewing Twinklepixie (played by real-life elf Carey Mulligan) with hilarious results (the elevator scene is one of those embarrassing moments I think we’ve all experienced!)

We finished the movie and I came upstairs to see if any Diablos needed killing, when lo and behold, I notice an email from Max Huffman. It contains my Kickstarter sketch.

Space Cabby here is way casual — his bowtie is undone, his sideburns are filling in, and he’s wearing his Member’s Only jacket with the scorpion on the back. What’s in the bag? I think you know. He doesn’t carry a gun, he drives.

“I hope it’s aight that I made it a little Drive-homagey,” Max coyly writes, as though he didn’t earlier in the day collapse potential waveforms around me using the power of his mind to ensure that, upon opening the email, I would immediately be receptive to the work. Max is cool like that.

Let me tell you, you want to get in on the ground floor with this Huffman guy. He’s going places. Check out his webpage and follow him on your Twitter and on Tumblr, where he posted this extended remix. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks for the Space Cabby, Max!

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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