The Ever-Present Browser Woes

Ever since I discovered the secret of Chrome’s oddball memory/tab management, I’ve been frustrated by it. To avoid the problem of a single Flickr tab taking up 800MB of memory, I was constantly shuffling tabs around and basically having to spend more time screwing around with tabs than I wanted to. I tried a couple of methods for fixing this, but nothing worked.

On top of that, suddenly Chrome stopped working so well with Google Reader, my RSS feed reader. I admit, I give Google Reader a bit of a workout each morning, but I wasn’t the only one noticing this. So, once again, I started looking around for a new browser.

Someone suggested Maxthon 3 so I gave it a try. It’s got built-in ad blocking, which is the bare minimum I want for a web browser, and it seems fast and functional.

It’s got a couple of quirks. Like Firefox, it can grab memory and not release it, but not nearly to the extent that Firefox does. It also has some oddball display issues, like putting line breaks before closing quotes. So I’m not completely entranced.

I’m still looking around for a browser I can live with. All I want is something that displays web pages properly, uses tabs, and blocks ads, all without swelling up with memory and eventually crashing or dramatically slowing down. I don’t understand what’s so hard about that. I don’t need built-in email, torrenting, feed reading, FTP, and stuff like that. I have programs and websites that do those things and I’m fine with them not running when I don’t need them to run.

(Before anyone says it, I don’t use a bunch of plug-ins, and I don’t have open multiple rows of tabs or anything. The conventional wisdom for reducing Firefox memory usage seems to be to reduce extensions and view fewer tabs but the first has been done and the second has been done as much as I can without defeating the whole purpose.)

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