Stay Away from CCG Armory

This blog post is late because, honestly, I was hoping I wouldn’t need to write it, but it seems like I do.

In yesterday’s blog post I mentioned a game called The Manhattan Project and, in the way that happens, doing so made me think, “I should just buy that.” So I went to my usual boardgame suppliers to grab myself a copy and discovered that the first printing sold out, and nobody’s got it in stock. “Raspberries,” said I.

I did a Google search and found a shop I was unfamiliar with called CCG Armory who had it in stock at a decent enough price, so I put in my order.

Last night around 9:30 PM I get an email from them. It turns out they don’t actually have it in stock, it’s on back order, and they have no idea when they’re going to have it available again. Do I want to cancel my order? I do. Thing is, they still show it as being in stock.

So I head over to BGG which, I admit, I should have done in the first place, and find out that this CCG Armory place has a history of this sort of thing.Also, they have a history of being pretty slow to refund credit cards on this sort of thing.

Now, one might THINK that you don’t charge a credit card until you know for sure you actually have the product the person is buying, but one might also think that you’d have some system for figuring out what you actually have in your inventory.

Around 10 AM this morning I sent a note back to them saying, “By the way, you might want to update your website to reflect the fact that you do not actually have this product in stock.” Got a reply right afterwards saying, “Thank you for pointing out that error – we are correcting it now” It’s now four hours later and that screenshot up there? I just took it. (Check for yourself!)

Also, my Visa card hasn’t been credited yet. Hooray. (UPDATE: They actually did not charge my card. There’s a temporary authorization on it, but it should go away if they don’t charge the card.)

Stay away from CCG Armory. This place is 100% amateur hour, and I’m sorry I wandered into their little game store and bait shop. There are too many decent sources for games without wasting time on this kind of foolishness. I’ll wait for the second printing.

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