Geek Zodiac

Last night I was thinking up yet another comics related blog entry (still to come) and I wondered why there had been so many recently. Sure, I had wondered into the nightmarish and soul-devouring world of comics blogs inadvertently recently, but that didn’t really explain it. Why suddenly comics?

I have a number of geek interests, but not all are active at any given time. Sometimes my mind is focused on one thing, sometimes another. Whatever isn’t focused on is still there, but not getting as much attention. It’s like a Geek Zodiac circumscribing my life, with signs such as Doctor Who, RPGs, Computer Games, Lego, Action Figures, and yes, Comic Books, which is ascendant at the moment. I should identify twelve of them, make little icons, and create a “geekoscope” system. I could even make one of those wacky internet quizzes that determines which is your birth sign! Or not.

No deep meaning here, just explaining why all the comics entries lately and warning of another one to come.

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