Space Cabby Eating Curly Fries by Daniel Butler

Since the dawn of time my Twitter avatar has been a picture of Space Cabby eating a sandwich:

Drawn by comics legend Gil Kane, it’s a powerful, moving image that resonates with everyone who sees it. I couldn’t imagine changing it.

And yet, my pal Daniel “Deebeemonster” Butler was doing commissions for Twitter avatars and putting out some amazing work! I was PayPal broke until recently, so I didn’t have to think about it, but once that changed I had to wrestle with this existential crisis: how do I get an avatar from Deebeemonster and yet ensure it’s worth replacing the mini-Guernica I currently had? Him drawing Space Cabby eating a sandwich seemed like a cheat, but what if…what if Space Cabby were eating something else? That was the key. But what? It took me a lot of thought and a trip to Arby’s to decide what would be appropriate: curly fries. The request was sent and it has paid off.

And here it is. Space Cabby eating curly fries! Evocative without being mere imitation, it suits the need just fine. I love it! You may recall that Daniel drew Space Cabby before and did a fine job, but man, he is just killing it on these, as well as the webcomic he draws, Copernicus Jones, Robot Detective.

You can get your own Twitter avatar or other commission here, and you should also check out Deebee’s shirts and prints.

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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