Hotter Than Hell

Diablo 3 “dropped” yesterday, and I eventually got around to actually playing it. (I had a dentist appointment, so I stayed working late to make up the time and then a query was slow and I was all come ON I want to play Diablo 3 and just as I started stomping my feet and shaking my arms the query finished and I was all YES.)

A lot of folks are having problems with the fact that, even as a stand-alone game, D3 requires an online connection to Battle.Net as part of its DRM (many of the people grousing about this “always-on” Internet requirement are the same ones who are infuriated if their ISP loses bandwidth for five minutes) and the servers are not handling the massive influx of players well. Some folks can’t log in at all and some are getting booted once on, and I admit that sucks. I’m fortunate in that neither happened to me.

What did happen was this:

That there is my machine heating up to 75 degrees Celsius (167 Fahrenheit). That’s a lot of heat, in my book. The fans started up like helicopter rotors and were pushing out so much hot air you could dry your hair with my computer. I got a little nervous and quit playing for a bit to see if I was wrecking my Mackboop.

Nearest I can figure the answer is: not as such. Machines can actually take this kind of heat, provided the fans are doing their job and not crudded up with dust. I can vouch for the fact that a lot of heat was being expelled, so all seems okay. Still, I’ll be out this weekend buying one a them laptop cooling mats.


You gotta understand, I love me some Diablo 2. How much? This much: there is a major character in it named Deckard Cain and I still played it, that’s how much. (In D3 we meet his neice, Leah. I don’t know yet if she’s the daughter of Deckard’s sister, Ripley Cain, or his brother, Terminator Cain.) All I wanted from D3 was, honestly, more of the same, and it seems like that’s what I got. Clickin’ and killin’ and lootin’ and it’s all good to me!

In fact, a lot of it has been streamlined for maximum clickill efficiency. You no longer have mana, or at least my barbarian doesn’t. I have “fury” which I build up by killing stuff. That’s convenient because killing stuff is what I’m all about! With enough fury I can then power my special attacks to kill more stuff, which is the circle of life. So no mana potions for me, just healing ones. And occasionally monsters drop health, so I’ve barely even used any of those so far.

The skill system also seems more simplified but I haven’t really gotten into it yet. I’m sure the people who enjoyed finessing the skill trees in D2 are disappointed, but for me that’s not an issue. There’s also some item crafting, I think, but I’m not there yet.

My character is a female barbarian named JaneEyre. Here she is:

and here’s a close-up:

Here she is considering some magic pants:

So: so far, so good! I don’t have any experience with this kind of gaming on my notebook (a Dell Inspiron, Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @2.30 GHz, 4 MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M video card) so if you can offer any tips or can suggest a laptop cooling thinger, I’m opening comments up for them! Also, if you’re playing D3 as well, let me know what you think!

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One Response to Hotter Than Hell

  1. James says:

    I didn’t play D1 or D2 but I love me some D3. The killing of things so they explode in a bloody mess and their skeleton goes flying across the landscape is awesome.