Maybe Now I’ll be Able to Spot Enemy Ships When I Play ‘Merchants and Marauders’

Remember the other day when I had that eye doctor appointment? The reason for that was some recent headaches — non-migraine ones — brought about most probably by eyestrain*.

I hadn’t been to an eye doctor since 2006, and I’m on the other side of 40 now, so it was definitely time to go see what the deal was.

The good news was that my eyes aren’t in that bad shape. I can use some help in long distance and a little more for close-up, but all in all, I’m doing fine. The bad news is — well, there isn’t really any bad news. My eyes just aren’t that bad.

The eye doctor said I might consider going with bifocals, but I didn’t really need them at the moment. Still, I figured I was probably headed in that direction anyway, so I may as well start getting used to them now, rather than waiting until I had to.

My new glasses arrived Friday, and here they are:

I know the thick black frames are very hipsterish (also very much like my dad’s old glasses), but I wanted something that made my beady little eyes appear bigger, and the other option was the thin wire frames which I’ve had issues with in the past.

So far they’re taking some getting used to. Mostly I’m just having trouble remembering to wear them and not to take them off when I’m doing up-close stuff, as I did with my old glasses (which I eventually just stopped wearing altogether.) However, if it’s any indication that I’m getting used to them, last night I had a dream in which I was wearing them and the lenses kept falling out!

I’ve only had them a couple days now so I can’t report back on how well they’re helping out. I do know that wearing them last night while playing Fire and Axe did not help my Vikings sack Rome, so for now I’m hanging on to the receipt.

* — Possibly Trollopian

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